Saturday, 13 June 2015

Study Less, Study Smart

Here are the main points that I have summarized from the lecture by Marty Lobdell:

1. Have short breaks in between about every 30 mins of serious studying by doing something relaxing (e.g. listening to music) so that you will be refreshed and be more effective at studying.
2. Have your own studying area so that you have a comfortable environment to do actual studying and develop a focused attitude to studying.
3. Make sure you fully understand the concepts of the topic you are learning about, and not just memorize all the facts and important points. Understanding something and knowing something are two very different meanings. One way to do this is to always take notes in class. 4. Study groups can motivate you to study better and more effectively because it is much less mundane and stressful to study with your friends and help to clarify any doubts you have with them.
5. Make use of your textbooks well. Don't highlight almost everything that you come across, because you aren't highlighting anything if you highlight everything. Use the SQ3R Method (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review) to remember important points in the textbook.
6. Make use of mnemonics to remember facts effectively (acronyms, coined sayings, interacting images) as these can help you keep the information in your head more easily compared to repetitive studying.