Monday, 25 May 2015

Big Hero 6

I went to watch Big Hero 6 on Monday with a friend, and I liked it quite a lot. This movie is about a boy named Hero who had a brilliant mind. His brother, Tadashi, studied in a university where young inventors innovate and create amazing things using futuristic technology. Of one of those inventions were Tadashi's project - a living personal healthcare assistant called Baymax. Tadashi died in a tragic fire soon after, and Hero tracked down the man who started the fire and stole the technology he invented with the help of Baymax and Tadashi's close friends. I think this movie is heartwarming and teaches us to treasure our close friends as Baymax sacrificed himself to save Hero at the end. We should also hold our family close to our heart, because Hero didn't realise how much he loved his brother until he was gone forever.

The Difference between Learning & Being Taught

There are many things that separate getting taught and learning, although you might think they are exactly the same meaning but phrased differently.

The first difference is that while you are being taught, you are listening to someone explaining or telling you something new or something you don't know fully about, for example, a teacher. However, when you are learning something, it is not necessarily listening to someone teaching, but it might be something you read from a book or maybe from the internet, therefore you say "I learnt something from a YouTube video today" and not "I got taught by a YouTube video today".

Secondly, when you are taught by someone, you might not be absorbing or understanding the details  that the person is conveying to you. This means that you might just be thinking of something else and not putting in your concentration and focus on processing the information that is passed on to you in your head. Learning something is almost the exact opposite. Learning means that you actually understand the details that you hear or see from the person, hence the expression "learning something new", whereby you know the procedure and understand the processes taking place within the information.

So, the next time you have to learn something for school or some other purpose, try to find the answers and information yourself first. There are many ways you can do this, from going to a library to searching for it on Google. Instead of always relying on someone to teach you about something, at least read up on the topic a little beforehand so that you have a better understanding of what the teacher, for example, is saying and also to cultivate some initiative in yourself.