Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Book Reflections: How Stella Saved The Farm

  After reading this book, I have learnt more about innovation and how to make a business successful. In this book, Windsor Farm is a farm run only by animals. Many years ago, Windsor Farm was at the top of the farming industry, but now they are facing a big problem: humankind has managed to overtake them by inventing and making use of machines like tractors to aid in their cultivation of crops.
 The animals decided to experiment on another business: making high quality alpaca wool. The idea was created by young Stella the sheep. This has taught me that innovation and entrepreneurship can appear at any moment and thought of by anyone of any age. A few weeks later, the alpaca arrived at the farm. At first, the sheep and alpaca were at loggerheads with each other and frequently quarrelled. Mav, the head of the alpaca wool business, also had a hard time dealing with Rambo, head of the sheep wool business as times were tough and they had not enough money to purchase another machine for the alpaca wool so they had to share the machines. Many of the farm animals thought investing on alpaca wool would cost money and would have not much positive cash flow, but after many hardships and difficult times, the alpaca wool business finally pulled through and became a success. I have learnt from this that business and new investments are not always very successful at first, but if you persevere until the end, it will surely show its benefits to your businesses.

Sincerely, Xavier.

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