Sunday, 3 February 2013

Our God's Grace

I am writing this because of an incident hat had happened to me a few days back. It was a particularly windy evening and the sun was setting. It emitted a orangey tinge into the sky as me and my mom were walking home after a hearty meal of Fish & Chips and steak. We were walking back and we didn't realise that our house keys were missing. Not in my pocket. not in my mom's. Only until we were done playing with our adorable one-year old neighbour, Ruth and decided to head back did we realise that they were missing.

"Son, go and unlock the doors to our house. I am coming back as soon as I finish drinking my orange juice", My mom called out, as I fished out an imaginary set of keys and unlocked the door with it. I froze. "Where are the keys?"I thought. I rushed back to Ruth's house to find the keys. We flipped the whole house upside down looking for them. They weren't found, of course. And we couldn't call Uncle Jordan, my mom's husband(my mom and dad broke up when I was five) because he was in Manila for a business trip.

Then, a horrible thought hit me. They must be at the coffee shop where we ate our dinner. I told my mom. We ran all the way back to the coffee shop. And of course, my mom was running while busy scolding me:"If we don't find the keys, you are in trouble cos I will hamtam(hamtam means "beat" in Singlish) you until you die!!!" and "Tomorrow is a school day you know or not? You want to miss school is it(we Singaporeans speak in Singlish and slangs are included in our speech)?!" And I, on the other hand was desperately praying to God that the keys were in the coffee shop untouched or worse; not stolen by anyone. Ah, this is the part where our mighty God comes in.

So there we were, rushing to the coffee shop. I reached first. I frantically looked around the table where we sat in the coffee shop, but to no avail. I was on the verge of giving up when my mom arrived. She gave me 'motivational words' to 'encourage' me. "Why you looking around there? Xiao ah you?! Obviously got people take and keep right? Go ask around all the shops!! Go!!!" So I started with the nearest stall. The drinks stall. There was a man in the stall watching some kind of drama show on the TV. And guess what. I was looking around and then my mom suddenly budged in. Her eye caught something hanging on a hook innocently. JACKPOT!!! The keys. And then we thanked the drama addict guy and went home merrily. With an exception of my mom, who was scolding me even though we had already found the keys. "You see lah!! Count yourself lucky!!! You got pocket some more don't want to make use of it? I have to hold my stuff with my hands because I got no pockets!!!" THen I spotted to pockets on her dress behind her. I pointed that out to her. And then she was surprised to know that. In fact, she even forgot what we were talking about in the first place: scolding yours truly, of course. So that tells us that she wasn't acting. But she actually reads this blog and supports me, and I know she's gonna hamtam me for this post and praise me. At the same time. Yup, she can do that. How awesome. Well, so till next time(probably after I had healed from her beating)!!!

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