Monday, 28 January 2013

Steve Job's Secrets to Success

I came across this topic in I&E lesson (that stands for Innovation and Entreprenuership). And my teacher talked about success and showed us a powerpoint about the world's most famous innovators and all. Then came Steve jobs, the founder of the successful phone brand, Apple. Personally, I like Steve Jobs, because I use an iPhone. And then came the more'interesting' part-a video about Steve Job's secrets to success. It was about 7 principles that he lived by and what he believed had made him such a successful entreprenuer. And I'm pretty sure that you, the reader of this blog, know about this guy. because he's famous and all. So anyway, my teacher asked the class to do research about this thing, and I did. So here's the video about the thing. And a mindmap I did on this website called Popplet which I use to do mindmaps with.

This is the video.
And this is the link to the midmap. Hope you like it!

Xavier Toh

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