Monday, 21 January 2013

Paperclip to House - The Inspirational Story

Now, there's this Canadian guy who blogs (I've done my research so GIVE ME A COOKIE!) and his name is called Kyle MacDonald (Mmm,his name makes me hungry). And through my research I could tell he was an awesome guy and all who wears awesome T-shirts. And he created this website called 'One Red Paperclip'.But why did Kyle name it the peculiar name of 'One Red Paperclip'? What's so special about a paperclip dyed in crimson? I could get a whole box of those at the store for a dollar or so. Has that paperclip got magical powers? Possessed by some sort of witchcraft thingamajig? No. The answer is(drumroll please): He traded this paperclip for a two-story farmhouse in Kipling, Saskatchewan!!! But of course its not a direct one-for-one trade, Kyle made fourteen transactions before making this impressive feat. And what inspired him to do this is the childhood game he played, "Bigger,Better". He had traded plenty of interesting things that he wouldn't mind keeping, like a cube van and a Honda generator, but in the end he still thought that a house was the best. Here is a pic of his house.

But I have not yet come to the whole point why I actually came across this awesome guy, which I will relate to you in a moment. It's actually about this card game called "Cardfight!!Vanguard", which is currently my favourite one. So anyway, I was flipping through this enormously thick " Cardfight Vanguard" album in a shop called Gamewerks in Clementi, Singapore.(Oh, did I mention that I'm from Singapore)? So I was there with my friend Kevin trying to make good deals with the owner of Gamewerks. But the problem was that our collection was much too small for the owner's interest. And so I wished that I would someday be able to make good enough trades until I had an as enormous collection as the shop. So I wanna be like Kyle, making good deals out of stuff until we got our 'house' that we had always oh-so wanted. So I hope that whoever that reads this blog and happens to play "Cardfight Vanguard" AND lives in Singapore(which is quite unlikely because we Singaporeans are very lazy and would much rather play games and check their Facebook accounts than read blogs), hope to trade with you soon!!!

I hope that you will help me build my dream 'house'!

Guess what? Today when I told my father about my plans, he gave me a paperclip!It's a yellow one though...

P.S. If you are looking for general information, I purposely did not add it in as I figured that since you can obtain it from, I would just be repeating the same thing again. And I wanna have a special blog.


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