Thursday, 24 January 2013

Happy Memories in the Past

I don't remember much about when I was a toddler; but I think I remember going to Gold Coast, Australia and swimming in a bathtub. A few days back I was packing my room (instructions from my Mom that I had to as my room was messy, and that is actually one of the few times that I agreed with her about my room being messy), and when I was clearing out my 'bed drawers' (my bed was one of those that has another pull-out bed and below of it were drawers), I came across a compilation of photographs in one of the drawers, so I decided to stop whatever I was doing (and yes, I knew I was gonna get it from my Mom) and flip through the album. They gave me a great deal of good memories, and they had me trying to remember that moment of joy depicted in the photos. There was one where I was doing what you could call "making friends" with an Australian toddler at a nature park. Then another one with me in Perth (as you can see, my family often goes to Australia. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I've been to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. But I wanna go to the Great Barrier Reef) standing beside a goat (or was it a sheep? Can't remember) and patting its head. Now I remembered that one. That goat, I clearly recalled, followed me back to our farmhouse and we gave it milk and cheddar cheese before it finally went away. But I did like that goat.

Other than oversea trips, of course, I also had tons of happy memories. So anyway, I was currently joining an after-school care centre called "The Kidz Club" then, so it was the holidays and my friends and I all signed up for an excursion. We were going to sleepover at the Marine Life Park in Singapore. So you see, the one in Singapore is just plain awesome, and you could imagine how excited we were. It had all sorts of marine creatures like jellyfish to sharks, and best of all was that we were gonna sleep in this conveyor belt and when you were to look up,you would be marvelling at this gigantic glass dome teeming with fishes of all sorts. And I had always wanted an opportunity like this one because I liked marine creatures. i think they're cool. So you could imagine what an amazing night we had sleepingover there when we were lying down on our sleeping bags and watching the fishes until we go to sleep (although we weren't really sleeping-we were having fun at night going through the conveyor belt while girls were busy whacking us hard in the back (and of course we retaliated). It was only about 4:30 in the morning that we started to drift away in our dreams. I think you should visit Singapore sometime. sure, it's a busy city, but this country still has its pros.

"Ah..."I would think back, sighing at how fun life can be when you're a child. Wild and fun and carefree. I always pictured adults thinking about their happy days in the past as a child. And I would probably also be thinking that in the future. Oh well...I better be enjoying my good ol' days now before I start stepping into adulthood.

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