Monday, 28 January 2013

Steve Job's Secrets to Success

I came across this topic in I&E lesson (that stands for Innovation and Entreprenuership). And my teacher talked about success and showed us a powerpoint about the world's most famous innovators and all. Then came Steve jobs, the founder of the successful phone brand, Apple. Personally, I like Steve Jobs, because I use an iPhone. And then came the more'interesting' part-a video about Steve Job's secrets to success. It was about 7 principles that he lived by and what he believed had made him such a successful entreprenuer. And I'm pretty sure that you, the reader of this blog, know about this guy. because he's famous and all. So anyway, my teacher asked the class to do research about this thing, and I did. So here's the video about the thing. And a mindmap I did on this website called Popplet which I use to do mindmaps with.

This is the video.
And this is the link to the midmap. Hope you like it!

Xavier Toh

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Happy Memories in the Past

I don't remember much about when I was a toddler; but I think I remember going to Gold Coast, Australia and swimming in a bathtub. A few days back I was packing my room (instructions from my Mom that I had to as my room was messy, and that is actually one of the few times that I agreed with her about my room being messy), and when I was clearing out my 'bed drawers' (my bed was one of those that has another pull-out bed and below of it were drawers), I came across a compilation of photographs in one of the drawers, so I decided to stop whatever I was doing (and yes, I knew I was gonna get it from my Mom) and flip through the album. They gave me a great deal of good memories, and they had me trying to remember that moment of joy depicted in the photos. There was one where I was doing what you could call "making friends" with an Australian toddler at a nature park. Then another one with me in Perth (as you can see, my family often goes to Australia. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I've been to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. But I wanna go to the Great Barrier Reef) standing beside a goat (or was it a sheep? Can't remember) and patting its head. Now I remembered that one. That goat, I clearly recalled, followed me back to our farmhouse and we gave it milk and cheddar cheese before it finally went away. But I did like that goat.

Other than oversea trips, of course, I also had tons of happy memories. So anyway, I was currently joining an after-school care centre called "The Kidz Club" then, so it was the holidays and my friends and I all signed up for an excursion. We were going to sleepover at the Marine Life Park in Singapore. So you see, the one in Singapore is just plain awesome, and you could imagine how excited we were. It had all sorts of marine creatures like jellyfish to sharks, and best of all was that we were gonna sleep in this conveyor belt and when you were to look up,you would be marvelling at this gigantic glass dome teeming with fishes of all sorts. And I had always wanted an opportunity like this one because I liked marine creatures. i think they're cool. So you could imagine what an amazing night we had sleepingover there when we were lying down on our sleeping bags and watching the fishes until we go to sleep (although we weren't really sleeping-we were having fun at night going through the conveyor belt while girls were busy whacking us hard in the back (and of course we retaliated). It was only about 4:30 in the morning that we started to drift away in our dreams. I think you should visit Singapore sometime. sure, it's a busy city, but this country still has its pros.

"Ah..."I would think back, sighing at how fun life can be when you're a child. Wild and fun and carefree. I always pictured adults thinking about their happy days in the past as a child. And I would probably also be thinking that in the future. Oh well...I better be enjoying my good ol' days now before I start stepping into adulthood.

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Hero In My Eyes

I am posting this as I came across this question in English class in my school. Well, while my friends chose people like Superman or Steve Jobs(because in my school it is compulsary to buy a Macbook Pro to 'learn', but most of the time I use it to watch One Piece, my favourite anime), I chose a very simple yet good answer-my Mom.

Why did I choose my Mom? Simple. Because I love her. And, other than that, I also find that she is more heroic than Batman, Superman, Spiderman, you name it. And that's because she can persevere until the very end of all ordeals, and she will never ever in a million years - give up. She is an extremely strong woman, as demonstrated when a few days back, our family car that we had relied on for about 7 years now(now that's a pretty old car);a car that had ferried us to and fro all the way from Singapore to Malaysia and many other memorable journeys; a car that we are very fond of and was nicknamed "Marchie"(because its model was a Nissan March) broke down at a crucial moment right when we were going to leave for home in a parking lot in IKEA. We tried to turn on the engine, but our efforts were fruitless. We had no choice but to call for a mechanic. Fifteen minutes later when the mechanic arrived, we waited for about 30 minutes just to hear the mechanic say in dismay: "I'm very sorry but I am unable to fix the car. It turns out that the starter was damaged." After that, my mother still willingly paid the mechanic $15 even though Marchie was not fixed. As a result, she had to pay another $60 to tow Marchie to the workshop to repair. Then, early the next morning, in order to reach her workplace, my Mom had to cycle all the way to work(which is not surprising as she loves and is excellent at cycling). Then at half past three in the afternoon, she received a call from the workshop saying that the fees would be more than $500. And what did my poor Mom do? She accepted the fact and prayed to God. And what happens the next day? She received a call to tell her that Marchie has been repaired for only $300! So I think you can tell how great our God is. So anyway, now Marchie is back on the road. And I can tell you, we are NOT rich. But despite that, my Mom tries her very best to please me when I'm down by buying what I ask for when I'm down, and laughing with me when I'm happy. Now I regret asking her to buy stuff for me, because now she has lesser money in her wallet compared to mine. And to thank her for being such a great mom, I gave her $10 when we got home.

So if you have read that whole chunk of sentences in one paragraph, it is not hard to understand why I respect my mom and why she is the hero in my eyes. No matter how hard times are, I don't need to worry about her because I know that she can definitely manage herself and pull through, which is no easy task to accomplish. Not that I know of any superheroes that can do that (because I'm not really a big fan of Marvel or DC Comics).

See, a hero in your eyes doesn't have to have the ability to fly, turn invisible or have an invincible body a hero. Who's your hero?

Paperclip to House - The Inspirational Story

Now, there's this Canadian guy who blogs (I've done my research so GIVE ME A COOKIE!) and his name is called Kyle MacDonald (Mmm,his name makes me hungry). And through my research I could tell he was an awesome guy and all who wears awesome T-shirts. And he created this website called 'One Red Paperclip'.But why did Kyle name it the peculiar name of 'One Red Paperclip'? What's so special about a paperclip dyed in crimson? I could get a whole box of those at the store for a dollar or so. Has that paperclip got magical powers? Possessed by some sort of witchcraft thingamajig? No. The answer is(drumroll please): He traded this paperclip for a two-story farmhouse in Kipling, Saskatchewan!!! But of course its not a direct one-for-one trade, Kyle made fourteen transactions before making this impressive feat. And what inspired him to do this is the childhood game he played, "Bigger,Better". He had traded plenty of interesting things that he wouldn't mind keeping, like a cube van and a Honda generator, but in the end he still thought that a house was the best. Here is a pic of his house.

But I have not yet come to the whole point why I actually came across this awesome guy, which I will relate to you in a moment. It's actually about this card game called "Cardfight!!Vanguard", which is currently my favourite one. So anyway, I was flipping through this enormously thick " Cardfight Vanguard" album in a shop called Gamewerks in Clementi, Singapore.(Oh, did I mention that I'm from Singapore)? So I was there with my friend Kevin trying to make good deals with the owner of Gamewerks. But the problem was that our collection was much too small for the owner's interest. And so I wished that I would someday be able to make good enough trades until I had an as enormous collection as the shop. So I wanna be like Kyle, making good deals out of stuff until we got our 'house' that we had always oh-so wanted. So I hope that whoever that reads this blog and happens to play "Cardfight Vanguard" AND lives in Singapore(which is quite unlikely because we Singaporeans are very lazy and would much rather play games and check their Facebook accounts than read blogs), hope to trade with you soon!!!

I hope that you will help me build my dream 'house'!

Guess what? Today when I told my father about my plans, he gave me a paperclip!It's a yellow one though...

P.S. If you are looking for general information, I purposely did not add it in as I figured that since you can obtain it from, I would just be repeating the same thing again. And I wanna have a special blog.


Sunday, 20 January 2013


Hi there, my name is Xavier Toh Ik Hann. The reason I have started a blog is because my friend Max inspired me to by creating a blog. So I did the same. In fact, he's probably reading right now because I told him to read it. I'm a just a typical 12 year-old boy starting a blog, as you can see. I wanna use this blog to post personal stuff that I just feel like blogging about (mostly because I'm bored to death). But other than that, I want to have lots of readers or whatever you call it reading my blog. So, yeah this is my first post, hope you enjoy the rest of the "cure to boredom" blog posts. Regards,Xavier Toh (As you can see,I'm not very good with blogging so please bear with me).